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The new augmented reality brushing experience from Colgate Connect™

This new brushing adventure game will test your skills as you battle to overcome the cavity monsters. Are you ready for the challenge?
Colgate® Magik™
5+ Toothbrushing Kit

Transform toothbrushing time into an adventure.

This kit includes:

  • Free augmented reality brushing app
  • Soft manual toothbrush
  • Phone holder
  • In-app Parental dashboard to track your child’s brushing
  • In-app photo booth to capture fun moments that save to your phone’s camera roll

While you play Colgate® Magik™ detects:

  • Position and orientation of the brush
  • Any missed zones of the mouth
  • Frequency of brushing
  • Duration of brushing
Colgate Magik
"Making a game out of brushing changes the dynamic. It’s fun, it’s silly, and chances are your kid is going to love it"
"This is awesome"
"Highly recommend to any parent"
"Just awesome"

Colgate® Magik™ is the first app-enabled manual toothbrush from Colgate, designed specifically for children.


This brand new solution features an augmented reality based brushing app to help children learn how to effectively brush their teeth and develop a lifelong good habit, all while having fun.


You'll be able to keep an eye on your child's progress in the parental dashboard: you'll now know not only if they brushed, but how well they brushed!


Good toothbrushing will unlock new Magik™ adventure worlds and new Magik™ masks.

Colgate® Magik™ takes the guesswork out of good brushing

New augmented reality brushing app helps your children enjoy toothbrushing time - while learning great lifelong brushing habits.

Get instant feedback on their brushing before the dentist visit

The Parental dashboard helps you identify any brushing issues before they could become a problem. It guides your child’s brushing to help ensure they develop a good technique.

Use Augmented reality to make brushing fun

New adventures each time you brush. From Ice world to Mythological world young brushers get transported to a healthier smile.

Explore the world of Magik™

Download the app now

Fight the Cavity Monsters with your Colgate® Magik™ brush

Your Magik™ Connector will turn your Colgate® toothbrush into a game controller. As you clean your teeth, bubbles will appear. Use these bubbles to brush away the cavity monsters.

Did you spot the Golden Monster?

If you see a yellow looking monster appear when you brush, you have come across the Golden Monster. Brush away the Golden Monster and different Magik™ masks will be revealed.
Good luck!

Which Magik™ brushing mask will you win?
Each time you brush is an opportunity to win a new Magik™ brushing mask. Collect them all to move onto the next level.
Don’t forget to share your winning smile and Magik™ brushing mask in our photobooth.
Discover our 15 Magik™ Worlds
Each time you defeat a monster you are one step closer to moving into a new Magik™ World
There are 15 Magik™ worlds to go exploring in...How many can you visit?
Bathroom World
Deceptively normal-looking, isn’t it? It looks just like your average, ordinary bathroom—only HUGE and full of hidden dangers and sneaky cavity monsters.

Bathroom World is cool as winter and slippery as a banana peel, every step mired in spilled toothpaste, backwater splash and soap scum. It also smells a bit like cough medicine. While not the most menacing of worlds it definitely is full of hidden dangers, so keep your wits about you and try not to slip and fall! It looks so innocent, doesn’t it?
Bathroom World

Splodge, Shigella,Poot-Poot and Mucky Marvin only appear in Bathroom World. Win all their brushing masks to progress to the next level.

Jungle World

Goliath, Oki-rex, Sabretooth only appear in Jungle World. You will have to use all your brushing cunning to defeat them.

Space World

Oboo, Galactigoner and RocketSnail only appear in Space World. Go intergalactic to defeat these monsters and move to the next level.

The Magik™ Approach

We took the latest technology to improve the most fundamental driver of good oral health… our daily brushing.

We are the 1st manual toothbrush to visibly track how your child brushes. Using our engaging augmented reality brushing app we can give immediate feedback on brushing position.

We are partnering with parents to help change habits so we created a parental dashboard to track progress over time.


To begin this incredible adventure, your child needs the perfect equipment.
The Colgate® Magik™ brushing kit contains a Colgate® Kids 5+ manual toothbrush, a Magik™ connector and a phone holder.

Winner Kids Toothbrush Category. Survey of 10,399 people in UK and ROI by Kantar TNS

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