Parental Consent Success – Colgate Connect UK

Thanks for providing consent,

We are writing to confirm that you have agreed to your child’s request to more fully engage with our connected toothbrush mobile app. If you have not agreed, or if you would like to revoke your consent, please click here, and we will delete your email address and any personal data we have collected from your child from our records.

Your child asked to more fully engage with the mobile application associated with the Colgate Connect E1 Smart Toothbrush, which is powered by Kolibree SAS. We – Colgate and Kolibree – need your consent before we may collect certain personal data from your child.

With your consent, we collect a device identifier that permits us to deliver push notifications to your child’s mobile device. We also collect Profile photo if your child chooses to provide it:

If you consent, we will use this data to enhance your child’s experience with the app and for other purposes, as described in our Privacy Policy.

If you do not consent, your child may still use the app. In that case, in addition to first name and date of birth, we will collect country, gender, whether your child is right- or left-handed, an app ID, and brushing information. If you would like us to delete your child’s account, please email us at

If you do not give us your consent or if you revoke it, as indicated above, we will keep your email address in order to honor your request to remove your child's account.

Best regards.
Colgate et Kolibree

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